FasterLouder (formerly is an online portal specialising in rock music, managed by what was formerly The Sound Alliance in Sydney (now Junkee Media). The FL branding refresh brief called for a repo of rock music-flavoured assets with a loose, organic feel, which could be reused across on- and off-line channels. I created a set of graphic elements based on various aspects of rock, from Beatlemania to stadium rock, incorporating abstract elements associated with music and it’s reproduction, such as old amp tuning knobs and reel-to-reels. I wanted to create a structured visual cacophony to emulate the way some rock stage sets can feel, seemingly loose and messy but on closer look harmonious and carefully thought out. For this end, I structured the mess mostly out of clean edged precisely illustrated elements. The new FasterLouder branding appeared in print advertising, event branding, in online channels, as well as in animated adverts such as the competition spot which played at the V Festival.


In the detail

When appearing on their own in branded communication, the FasterLouder graphics could be combined into a feature image to accompany large slabs of body copy.


Faster, louder

The graphics also worked well as animated elements, to carry the FasterLouder branding throughout video content. The flexibility of the graphic elements made it easy to create eye catching animations. This spot appeared at the V Festival on 2 screens either side of the main stage, promoting a competition to win 2 tickets to the V festival in the UK.