A few words about me

You’ll find a detailed CV here

Although I work in both traditional and digital media, since 2020 I’ve focused mainly on painting and drawing. As a first-generation Polish immigrant, I’m fascinated with the contrasting human experiences of alienation/belonging, and connection/conflict, and this is often what I focus on in my work.

I’m currently in the final stages of a collaborative project, The Antipodes, which I am working on with my father, a writer. The project consists of a bilingual poem and accompanying artwork, and illustrates our experiences as new arrivals to Australia. It will take the form of an exhibition, to be held at the end of January 2024, at the Town Hall Gallery in Hawthorn. Aside from designing the booklet and website, I have also created original watercolours and pencil drawings on which the graphic art in the booklet is based. You can find more information about the project here.

I started moving towards my own art practice in 2012, after working in digital design for over a decade. Whilst continuing to work in the corporate world, I completed 2 post graduate qualifications, one in visual art and one in creative media (full CV here), and created public art installations (MoreArt grant, Runaway Garden, 2012), murals (Tsuru, 2017), short experimental films which toured international film festivals (Reprise, 2012), and self-initiated small-scale public art works in Australia, Europe and Asia. I finally said goodbye to the digital design world in 2017, when I relocated to Poland in order to focus on my art practice and pursue projects dealing with bilinguality, connection, home and belonging. I created the multi faceted project Kim jestes w domu? (Who Are You When You’re At Home?, 2018-2019, Poland), took part in the Krakow Gallery Weekend KRAKERS (Homemaker, 2019), and participated in group exhibitions (Nieobecnosc (Absence), 2018, Poland) and art residencies (Dancing Men, 2019, Indonesia).