A few words about me

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I work using a mix of traditional and digital media, often in the public space. As a first-generation Polish immigrant, I’m fascinated with the contrasting human experiences of alienation/belonging, and connection/conflict, and this is often what I focus on in my work.

After working in the corporate digital design world for 12 years, I started to move towards my own art practice in 2012, with a short experimental film Reprise, which won two RMIT awards and showed at festivals around the world. Since then, I’ve taken part in group exhibitions (Nieobecnosc, 2018) and art residencies (Dancing Men, 2019), and made performative ephemeral works (Kim Jestes w Domu?, 2018-2019), installations (Runaway Garden, 2012), murals (Tsuru, 2017), public drawings and printed graphic works, in Australia, Europe and Asia.