For the exhibition "Absence" (Nieobecnosc) which opened at Tytano in Krakow on 20 October 2018, I was asked to create a wall painting by amending existing artwork, left over from a previous exhibition. "Absence", curated by the Koliber Association for Children with Cancer (Stowarzyszenie na Rzecz Dzieci z Choroba Nowotworowa KOLIBER), aimed to convey the experiences of children with cancer as well as their friends and family.

Concept and painting


In this work, I altered an existing image of strange alien-like beings in a group, apparently being beamed up from Earth, to show just two isolated figures, seemingly experiencing the same thing, but not able to reach each other. One of the issues addressed by the exhibition was the lack of understanding in the community about what children with cancer and their families actually need - not plush toys, but honest conversation, for example - and the isolation that can result from this lack of understanding.