The cheese

A video created using sourced audio captured on the Sandringham train line in Melbourne, and rotoscoped footage of dancers and fighting birds. The animation was distorted by projecting it onto the street at night while walking and re-shooting the resulting footage, which was then used in the background. The audio is of a conversation between two young men on the train, one of whom is describing watching someone get stabbed at a party. At the end, the boy gets off the train telling his acquaintance that they probably won’t see each other again, because he’ll probably be dead.

I often work intuitively, without really knowing the end result of the work – in this case, the audio played a critical role. The conversation describing a (most probably fictitious) act of violence between two people, captured candidly and without any pre-planning, actually ended up making sense of the work for me – until that point, I thought it might be pure play with colour and movement.

I realised that the work is in fact about the fluidity of emotion between people as they move, together and separately, away and towards each other, much like birds which look like they’re dancing even when they fight.