As part of the Kraków Gallery Weekend KRAKERS, I built a house out of found materials, using string, tape, zip ties, and a knife as the only tool. The shape of the house was entirely determined by the materials I found. The house was built, and dismantled without a trace, in 4 hours, in Kanonicza St, under Wawel Royal Castle in Kraków.

Homemaker was realised with the help of:

dr Mariusz Soltysik
dr hab. Grzegorz Bilinski
Ewa Kaleta
Aleksandra Krzysiek
Magda Tyszecka
Dawid Adrjanczyk
Wojtek Ratajczak

Special thanks to Nina Adrjanczyk for video documentation, photography and editing, as well as the original soundtrack to the Homemaker video.